• The Hydraulic Specialists

    Taskers offer knowledge, experience and expertise in all manner of hydraulic and lubrication applications.

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  • 180+ Years

    Established in 1839 by John Tasker, starting as a maker of leather and rubber goods in Sheffield and playing a major part in bring power and telephony to Sheffield and beyond...

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  • Service & Repair

    Onsite and off site repair and testing carried out by Sheffields highly skilled service engineers

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Service & Repair

Call out and onsite repair carried out by our skilled service engineers

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Leading supplier and design of Hydraulic systems and equipment

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Vast knowledge and expertise in lubrication for an array of applications.

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Supply, maintenance and repair service for equipment and registered link-up supplier

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Leading designed presses and tooling and assemblies and tools developed with Rolls-Royce

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Spray Nine

Industrial environmetally friendly cleaning and degreasing products

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  • Maufacture Lube Sticks

  • Reduce Flange Wear

  • Automatic Self Adjusting Systems

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Taskers Trophy


Taskers UK are proud to support the Taskers Trophy Inter-Club Golf Competition which supports junior golf development in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Lancashire

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TASKERS UK - The Hydraulic Specialists

Offering knowledge, experience and expertise in all manner of hydraulic and lubrication applications.


Based in Sheffield Taskers are centrally located in the UK and are leaders in Design, Manufacture, Supply, Service & Repair of Hydraulic Systems and parts, alongside Lubrication which complements our expert knowledge of hydraulic systems - Taskers manufacture Lube Sticks and associated accessories.


Taskers are a long established company providing a complete and comprehensive service of hydraulic components, units and systems;

  • Cylinders for lifting loads up to 1000 tonne
  • Power units giving pressures to 10,000psi
  • Tools to master difficult problems including;
  • Nut cutters, hole punch, wire rope cutters, torque wrenches, bearings pullers.

All our workshops, service personnel and engineers are focused on quality products and service in addition Taskers are BSI ISO 9001 Accredited for Quality.
Taskers supply and support the Aviation Industries - Rolls Royce, Railway Industries - National Rail Contractors, and many others in the Design, Supply and Maintenance of equipment. We have strong relationships with many suppliers of hydraulic equipment and components.

TASKERS UK Limited | The Hydraulic Specialists | Established 1839 | Sheffield