TAS 032-0

This unit originally developed for the ‘TRENT’ range of engines. Two wheels version for use in workshop environments.


Reservoir capacity: 40 lts.
Pump displacement:
Low pressure (14BAR) 126.2cm2
High pressure (310BAR working) 4.75cm2
Pump: Max. rated pressure: 700BAR
Pressure filter (outgoing) 3 mm absolute
Return filter (return) 25mmabsolute
Suction filter 25mm absolute
Control Valve
3 position rotating plate, fitted with pilot operated check.
System 20 contamination sensor is fitted to this unit.


40 litres of oil will enable up to 10 canopies (C ducts) to be opened at any one time. Displacement from pump of 126.2 cm2 per stroke equates to ten operations to fully open ‘C’ ducts (estimated) on Trent 800. Connecting hoses are fitted with quick release couplings each end. Pump connection screw type high flow, engine end aerospace standard LL2HBM (S) snap type coupling. Storage facility for ease of stowing hoses and manifold. Unit can be used on all ‘C’ duct opening systems, fitted with LLSK6M(S)-1 coupling.


This unit, when coupled to a CM20 monitor can give an instant analysis of the oil contamination, thus preventing possible failure due to contamination. This pump is fitted with pilot operated check valves to prevent any accidental closing of ‘C’ ducts when fully open. The only way to close the ‘C’ ducts is by changing the valve to close and creating a pressure by pumping. Stop pumping ‘C’ ducts stop closing.