Our leading aviation product is the TAS 264 Hydraulic bearing press, this press has been developed with Rolls Royce PLC Derby. For the assembly of various engine-bearing housings, so as to give an accurate loading and reduce movement when housing cools. The press has three levels of specification, TAS 264, is the fully automated version, giving control though Digital control panel, for ultimate repeatability, and safe operation. TAS 264a this is a mid specification semi automatic dial in loading, hydraulic platen positioning. TAS 264b this is the minimum specification unit manual operation of load and manual location of platen, (this unit relies on the operators accuracy for repeatability). All units come with roller frame transfer table, full surround guarding, oven roller frames and 12 months warranty.

Aviation Product Catalogue

Hydraulic Bearing Press - TAS 264
Canopy Pump - TAS 205
Hand Pump & Case - TAS 147
Pump Assembly - TAS 129
Extraction & Assembly Tool - TAS 103
Engine Shaft Extraction & Assembly Tool - TAS 102
Hydraulic Cylinders - TAS 096
Hose Assembly - TAS 095
Air Powered Hydraulic Pump & Case - TAS 080
Load Cell - TAS 078-a
Air Flow Simulator - TAS 073-1
Hand Pump No Carry Case - TAS 070-M3
Hand Pump Without Carry Case - TAS 070-M2
Hand Pump - With Carry Case - TAS 070-M1
Hand Pump with Carry Case - TAS 070
Fan Case Splitting Tool - TAS 045
Canopy Pump - TAS 032-0
Canopy Pump - TAS 031-1